Thorsten Rood
Enterprise IT Architect (Cloud App Networking | Security | Infrastructure | Mobility)
30 years experience in consulting, integration and community support | 150 public speakings


I gained long-term experience working with IT infrastructures, various application requirements and the ongoing change that IT is faced with. On the one hand, I work as an architect and generalist with a comprehensive wealth of experience in regards to mid-tier customers and service provider needs. On the other side, I'm a solution specialist focussed on cloud app networking, mobility workforce evolution and committed to provide pragmatic but also effective security concepts even in the cloud era.

I do support management decision makers with their challenges such as establishing agile IT services or hybrid distributed systems and I also offer assistance mediating conflicts between technical and organizational interests.

My top priority is delivering quality-focussed solutions that are »feature-complete« and designed to run and provide their service offering over a long period of time without a need for ongoing operational or administrative assistance.


This overview illustrates my contribution to the (IT-)world. These are items that I'm evidently good in and that are important to me. Some of those obviously haven become outdated and don't play a role in my everyday life any more, but at that time earlier I've dedicated the same enthusiasm and love as I do for my current points of interest.

This specific portion of my site is updated from time to time. Especially in regards to navigation support this keeps being a moving target. But I'm running very low on spare time...

about me

Since 30 years I'm working as an IT-consultant specialized on enterprise architecture, still committed validating bits & bytes in daily reality, and awarded multiple times as CTP and I'm certified as MCE/CCE, too.

My strongest fortitudes are technology competence and quality assurance.

My job role with braincon corporation says Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Regional Director and Principal Architect.

Rhineland and Ruhr district is my home of choice for a long time now, but customer on-site engineering brings me widely around into different places.


Without industry-specific focus, I implemented large-scale deployments and completed early adopter setups for demanding customers. Together with my professional team, I provide solutions where others try out their first steps 3 years later...

I'm also an independent frequent speaker at public vendor- and community-driven events (Synergy, TEX, Citrix User Groups, and more), delivering technical breakout sessions legendary known for my level 400+ trademark.

contact me

Personal, Social & more

Inside the footer below you find the most commonly used options to get in contact – there should be enough choice for any preference. I'm looking forward to your message and will respond in detail as soon as possible. In case of calling me by phone, you likely will be welcomed by my answering machine. Incoming calls without caller ID transmission will be ignored, same as with calls that don't leave me with a message on voice box.

Being an active technologist, I frequently dig into upcoming product lines and enjoy the surprise about it. Validation, review and comments on your products and technology stack provided to me is done without further obligations or liabilities, and it requires fully functional editions (or NFR) – any trial, ad-ware or time-bombed offering won't be spent time on.

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