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Quick overview

University of Hagen


The FernUniversitšt (University of Hagen), a distance learning institute, offers the opportunity to study remotely for more than 95% of your diploma career. Often this model is somewhat misunderstood, compared and aligned to a commercial academy than offers such kind of "remote education", too. But in contrast to those options, the University of Hagen provides full-featured diplomas (bachelor, master, etc.) with the same content and quality that you can expect from traditional universities that require your ongoing presence on campus.

What's the trick? It's basically an organizational change: all material is sent out by mail or electronically and there's no more need to attend a course on site (and there are no such offerings). So there's just a limited need for your attendance at Hagen left, for example:

  • Examinations (most of them run synchronously in multiple places, for example in other pre-selected partnering universities)
  • Oral audits (you may use a webcam-based testing method but I wouldn't recommend that limited kind of atmosphere)
  • Preparations, college days (not required to participate, but recommended)
  • Cooperative work, course summaries

My studies

After spending a short time on a course trial I decided to completely pursue my diploma this way. The goal and final audit is called Informatik Diplom II, Nebenfach BWL which is an equivalency to a master in computer science and business management. A certain complexity is enforced by learning in an autodidact way while working in business the same time. Although this is an obvious contrast, you really need to learn how to deal with this on your own. :-)

I created an 80%-contract with my employer, which means I'm working four days a week. Since I'm focussed on project services, resulting in field service traveling, this varies from time to time and needs to be handled in a flexible way - but it works pretty good and convenient for all of us.

For all that tend to study in Hagen I provided some materials here for you to have an impression what might happen. For example I uploaded my course schedule, reports of classes that I attended and some examination protocols. Maybe this will help you with your preparations? Good luck!

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