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Computer science in practice

Testing requirements

You need to pass two audits in selected classes. If you like to, you may register for more audits to fill up the elective parts in your diploma career.

Additionally, you need to complete two exams at least with a grade D where one of them specifically needs to be Software engineering I.

Courses belonging to catalog P

01666 Distributed databases
Built on top of class "databases", this courseware enhances the basic skills and introduces concepts and architecture to provide distributed database content (partitioning, synchronization, optimizing queries).
01793 Software engineering I
The first part of training sessions around software development addresses first-step analyses and aspects on software design like building components and reusable modules. Although the script is authored on top of an older programming language, the major ideas remain unchanged in today's world.
The old-style script version has already been replaced by an OOP-based one to reflect updated programming concepts.
01814 Object-oriented programming
This courseware introduces the concept of object-oriented programming based on Java: inheritance, typing, process synchronization and alias protection. Additionally you need to work on two reports written in english language which also are included in your later exam. Unfortunately the enhanced version of this courseware was rarely available around year 2000 which really complicated my plannings.


2x to 4x All classes must belong to catalog P. A total number of six audits are required while completing the main course.


1x Content: Software engineering I
This assessment is required for enrolling in practice lab on software development.
1x Content: any class with at least 4 hours of lectures per week

Research and support

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