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Cooperative work


Beside of ongoing studies you also need to attend various seminars to train your teamwork experience and to make you familiar with research activities.

In contrast to remote work offerings, many of those events require your personal on-site attendance, so it needs more planning in your schedule.

Testing requirements

At least two seminars need to be passed successfully, but there's no specific area of specialization you need to complete in. So you are free to select depending on your personal interests.

my participation

01912XML and databases
This seminar was about to give an in-depth overview on the evolution of SGML, XML and how to model minimal structured datasets. A primary focus covered various aspects on manipulating XML information in databases and in queries (serialization, persistency, retrieval, queries)
I picked up the idea of "XML-QL", which is a design preview for querying XML-documents.
11905Databases in internet environments (virtual university)
Within several workgroups we discussed usage and integration options for databases in internet environments. This covered various aspects starting with internet basics (HTML), programming languages (Perl, PHP), database products (mySQL, Oracle) and presentation/transport (XML).
This seminar was hosted by virtual university: although a teamwork is required, all participants are spread across the country and do their job in a virtual way (mail, chat, newsgroup, conferencing software, etc.). Just a short on-site weekend for giving final presentations was held will all of us together in one place.
I joined a team that wrote a report on "using XML with databases and internet" and I also created a real-world example based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000.


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