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Computer science in theory


Beside of maths the theories in computer science are major reasons for retiring from university. For me, the later one has been the hardest area. It required much more time than I used to spend on many other courses.

Testing requirements

You need to meet those criteria:


01653 Theories in computer science, part A
This course outlines the restrictions on using computers for calculations, which shows types of requests that cannot be processed and need to be handled in a different way. The models that are used to describe and to prove those constraints are simplified to fit into a single semester timeframe.
You should spend much time on exact specifications on all underlying theories.
01654 Theories in computer science, part B
The second course extends the baseline given in part A and asks for the necessary amount of memory and the required time to implement functions on computer hardware (again, those models are independent of ongoing growth on CPU power). Since all lessons are built on top of the concepts introduced in part A, this knowledge is required for understanding. You will loose two semesters of study if you're not familiar with both courses, because each of them is just offered one time per year.
Part B introduces aspects like regular languages and grammars and links together abstract machine models with complexity research.


1x To register for an audit, you need to pass one exam. I think that the first part's topics are easier to succeed in a written testing. You also can ask for the audit on part B even if you do not have its exam results back, so this is a more flexible way of learning.


21210 Oral audit on computer science in theory, ~ 25 mins.
This always covers both courses but looking at older protocols shows a major overhead towards the first part. Just review some older protocols for strategic planning.

Research and support

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