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Business management


At University of Hagen, a study in business management is a complimentary part of studying in computer science. It covers typical economical basics you need to be familiar with if you later want to succeed as an IT professional. I completed the courses right after I had finished my education in banking business and so I felt quite comfortable with the content: most topics were well-known already.

Testing requirements

You need to meet those criteria:


Business management, part I
00029Annual accounting
These three courses create a rock-solid foundation managing business processes. You also get familiar with tax calculations and constraints and learn to measure financial success.
Business management, part II
00086Financial concepts
00087Theories in investment strategies
00088Theories in business decisions
A second large block introduces finance management in depth.
Business management, part III
00047Cost accounting
00081Economical processes
The last part in the business management introduction trains in two major aspects: company measurement and pricing/calculation.


3xThere's a written test for each of those three parts. Although the courses for the third part are divided among two semesters, it makes more sense to register for both of them the same time for saving time on final exam preparation (which covers both topics).


indirectaverage value across your three exam results
There's no explicit oral audit in the end of the introduction courses. This is a simplification for all those that enrolled for business management as a secondary specialization. You need to pass at least two exams with a "grade D" or better, and the same applies for the calculated average. That's not too complex and under normal conditions you're save even before you write your last exam.

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