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About the city

Wuppertal Logo

Within the Bergischen Land the town of Wuppertal is the largest one, sized something around the 400,000 citizens. Beside of the Zoo, which always gets top scores in country-wide measuring, there's one most famous symbol: the Schwebebahn. This public metro railway construction is well known in Germany and its visuals are hard-coded into the city's appearance, including the official logo.

During the century rollover, a massive and impressive repair project took place, where all steel got replaced while most operations were continued.

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Except for a tragic accident (caused by human mistakes) during the repair the Schwebebahn is the most secure and also the fastest transportation in Wuppertal. Just try beating the time that's required for an end-to-end travel using a car or a motorbike - you won't succeed even outside rush-hour, although the Schwebebahn takes a stop on each station.

Studying in Wuppertal

For those that prefer studying at a "true" university instead of joining the FernUniversitšt, Wuppertal's Bergische Universitšt might be a choice.

University of Wuppertal

Among many study courses you also can choose a combination between business management and computer science. There are several other exam options, but the most important one is a different specialization that's called safety engineering.

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