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Washington DC

Symbols and museums

Washington Monument

Probably no other metropolis in the United States offers such an intensive number of symbols, memorials and historical remembering signs like Washington DC - even international movie productions (for example Forest Gump) already used the well-known places for their panorama multiple times.

Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument is a white marble-obelisk with around 170 meters in height, constructed in honor of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Lincoln Memorial is a national symbol that honors Abraham Lincoln, their 16th president, which is known to have slavery stopped and also created the foundation for a centralized controlled industrial country. He also prepared the US for becoming the number one world force during the 20th century.

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Several museums are located around the National Mall, most of them operated by the Smithsonian Institute. What's remarkable (at least from a european perspective) about cultural engagement is the fact that most of these buildings offer free admission. An extra fee is charged for special attractions (like IMAX theatres, seasonal exhibitions, etc.) only. A single visit to Washington won't be enough to enjoy all cultural offerings.


Of course Washington is the town for all major legislative affairs: the president's main seating (White House), the Senate and the House of Representatives (Capitol).

The white house
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Comparing the Washington skyline with the well-known architectural impression associated with american metropolis you discover a mismatch: the absence of skyscrapers. Due to the restriction that no other building may impact the importance of symbols like obelisk, such extreme large towers are simply missing.

City skyline

In consequence Washington looks more like a european mega city with modern architectural elements, but without extreme buildings with more than 15 levels.

Okay, what's my personal relationship to DC? Well, Washington was event location for the BriForum, which I was invited to join and to speak in public.

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