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About the city

Home base

Remscheid is called a harbor city Sea town on the hills but it doesn't have such. In an altitude of 350 meters there's always enough water available - but most times happening as rain from clouds above. I was born there in 1975 and grew up in Remscheid for nearly eighteen years.

Legal town rights had been granted to Remscheid many hundreds of years ago. In its history, many different small villages have been combined into that what's known as the town today. So if you plan to have an aerial map view on this, you won't wonder seeing a disparate area.

Sometimes you feel all of these small villages still identifying themselves as independent claims because nobody really feels to be a Remscheider. In contrast you notice people saying they come from "Lennep", "Hohenhagen", "Lüttringhausen", etc. (In my case it should have been called "Hasten", although a ZIP code specifically assigns me being part of the central area.)

There's much more to discover than just the historical town quarters. In fact you can go out for shopping in Remscheid much better than in one of the nearby large towns like Wuppertal. The large mall named Allee-Center has been built in the mid of the 80s (got extended in the 90s) and perfectly fits into the shopping district.

Allee-Center air view


A sad part of history is known in 1998 when an american army aircraft hit the hills during a low-level flight operation. It crashed down on Stockder street. Our residential building was located just one street below and was damaged by the right-side turbine that penetrated the roof and finally stopped in the top of the first level.
With luck nobody was heavily injured (of course except for the pilot, who died), but it was exciting to be temporarily suspended from school because the whole area got shielded as a military zone for a few days.

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Historical aspects

The most well-known scientists coming from Remscheid are Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (x-ray) and the Brothers Mannesmann (steel manufacturing).

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