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About the city


In earlier days I tried to explain the exact spelling and wording for the town's name but finally I gave up: In contrast to german dictionary rules it's not written in three independent words. Since the city is quite small - something around 26,000 citizens - this is still pretty unknown and ignored.

Radevormwald is located straight at route B229 so it's impossible to miss but some navigation systems still cannot position all street details exactly.

I spent my time here while finalizing my high-school graduation and also while completing my professional education as a bank business management agent. This made me familiar with long traveling distances (Rade ⇒ Duesseldorf using a railway connection requires around 2 or 2½ hours of traveling per route). Radevormwald calls itself The town on the hills.


A certain regional importance is generated by the swimming bath called aqua-fun. Beside of this I really dislike living this much far away from large metropolis.

Something exciting in Radevormwald is a general closing door around 8:30 PM. The latest connect by bus takes place around 10:00 PM and a cab towards Remscheid-Lennep costs you around 15 EUR Euro...

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