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Music style preferences

Techno & House

Listening to the radio often makes me sad and bored: Most of the stuff that's played there in terms of techno styles is nothing more than pop music with rhythms speeded up. TV shows like MTV Clubrotation want to make you adhere to their definition of club music but in fact it doesn't reflect the pure understanding of techno music.


For all our luck some labels survived and continue publishing true techno stuff on their vinyl and CD releases (for example Bonzai, Tetsuo, Overdrive, just to name a few of them). This makes up the pure definition of techno and house music, not available in a wide range of stores but played around all major scene clubs.

The most impressive guy and DJ in techno business is Steve Mason. I might never had started learning and loving this music style without the radio session named Steve Mason's experience, hosted on BFBS London in the 90s. Unfortunately it has been discontinued in early 2001. There's some hope left: from time to time a common level of quality is available by radio channel sunshine-live.


Although being a fully commercial event, the most important festival in techno business is run at each first may night per year:

the summer-Mayday

Mayday has definitely become an institution. The installed lightning and sound system is fascinating each time, for both sizing and quality. It's hard to find better equipment and event engineering together in one techno place. Every year's DJ line up reflects the state-of-the art artists. And each time it's getting bigger, better and louder...

Pet Shop Boys

There's life beyond techno: starting with their first single release West End Girls I'm collecting Pet Shop Boys stuff. The music style and its evolution over the years is exciting: Regarding the long time that Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe stay in business from 1984/85 up to today, their initial songs are oldies already but they still succeed in respectable chart positioning each time again. Every CD is different and sounds like a little artwork.

Pet Shop Boys
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Poison Club

Poison Club

This is the club that really played underground techno stuff before others started to do so: the Poison Club located in Duesseldorf (Rheingoldsaal). They had really special opening times (Sa 10PM to Su 3PM) and hosted very impressive LineUps with Steve Mason, Hooligan, Tom Wax, Moguai, King-O, Errik, Taucher, Mario de Bellis, Nathalie de Borah, etc.

How to get there:

  • use public train, metro or bus heading for Duesseldorf main central station
  • take exit Konrad-Adenauer-Platz
  • when you leave the station, turn around 180
  • you'll find the location 20m to your left side

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