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I do not allow using my contact data (including email address and phone numbers) for sending me marketing flyers, general prospects, etc. without my explicit authorization. As an exception to this, you may send me IT-related product or company information one single time only and I'll try responding you appropriately; please allow a short delay depending on current project requirements.

You may ask for validation, review or comment on your programs, products and technologies (without liabilities or further obligations) but this must be based on full functional product versions (or NFR). Any trial, ad-ware or time-bombed software product will be sent to trash immediately without response.


Please choose your preferred contact method. I suggest using email, if you dislike my answering machine.

thorsten @ rood.cc

Telephone +49 (211) 1577110

Fax +49 (3212) 1124843

Windows Live Messenger

Electronic signatures  Key

It's still complex to use data encryption within email, but for certain confidential information you might require an appropriate level of trust. So choose one of my public keys for PGP transmission.

Most current key pair

public key
PGP key file (ASCII content)
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Type: DSA/GPG-Key thorsten{at}rood.cc

KeyID: 0x8332DF03 (0x2973296E8332DF03)

Fingerprint: 4A6A 8FAC 6F30 EF3E 47AD ED04 2973 296E 8332 DF03

pub 1024D/8332DF03 02/13/2006

uid   Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

sig     8332DF03 02/13/2006  Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

sig     BBA2C265 02/15/2006  Thorsten Rood <thorsten.rood{at}systematics.de>

sig     CA57AD7C 03/28/2006  PGP Global Directory Verification Key

uid   [jpeg image of size 1723]

sig     8332DF03 02/16/2006  Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

Retired key pair

public key
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Type: RSA/IDEA-Key thorsten{at}rood.cc

KeyID: 0xBBA2C265 (0xD22940E2BBA2C265)

Fingerprint: F7 39 17 99 7A CE 7B DA 9B BD E9 E0 D3 B3 8E A6

pub 1024R/BBA2C265 10/18/1997

uid   Thorsten Rood <thorsten.rood{at}systematics.de>

sig     BBA2C265 11/25/2001  Thorsten Rood <thorsten.rood{at}systematics.de>

sig     8332DF03 02/13/2006  Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

uid   Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

sig     BBA2C265 11/25/2001  Thorsten Rood <thorsten.rood{at}systematics.de>

sig     8332DF03 02/13/2006  Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

uid   Thorsten Rood <Thorsten.Rood{at}FernUni-Hagen.de>

sig     BB1D9F6D 08/07/1998  ct magazine CERTIFICATE <pgpCA{at}ct.heise.de>

sig     C6A8F63D 10/18/1997  pubkey <pubkey{at}FernUni-Hagen.de>

sig     BBA2C265 10/18/1997  Thorsten Rood <thorsten.rood{at}systematics.de>

sig     8332DF03 02/13/2006  Thorsten Rood <thorsten{at}rood.cc>

Residential address  Postbox

Required information according to 6 MDStV:

Thorsten Rood
Waldstrasse 11a
40699 Erkrath


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