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Scripts and administrative toys

Over the years I collected lots of ideas and ways to perform systems customization, driven by customer requests and various hurdles encountered in project business. Some of those tools obviously were higly individual and created just for special purposes. But many other requirements came up again and again and evolved in some kind of "best practice tooling". A few of them became independent solutions, completely redesigned and created from scratch again, based on long-years experience.


I picked up the favorite toys from my IT workbench and enhanced them to be more flexible and independent from overall target system configuration, they should meet all typical scenarios now. All this stuff is associated with my long-years owned pseudonym LoneWolf-Productions, which was invented in the nineties while I was working as a programmer.

Due to this evolution and historical roots, all gadgets and toys were not placed on the rood.cc web site, they have been transfered here:

direct link to web site LoneWolf-Productions
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