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Thorsten Rood
Thorsten Rood



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Themes & Technologies

Being an IT generalist

I simply dislike being limited on a single product line or technology. Why? The years I've been in IT showed so many options and deployment scenarios (in both positive as negative meaning) that I specialized in being a generalist to provide valuable support knowledge. This allows me performing sophisticated end-to-end consulting services.

My areas of experience:

  • Implementing Application Delivery, VDI and Virtualization technologies (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware)
  • Designing processes and implementing datacenter automation for application delivery services
  • Implementing IT-Architectures and Systems-Engineering (Microsoft)
  • Groupware and Mobility with Exchange-Server
  • Project Management and Project Leadership
  • Architecting and implementing Application Networking Solutions
  • TCO-/ROI-studies
  • Executives Consulting
  • "Training-on-the-job" for administrators
  • Optimizing IT-Architectures to meet service-level agreements

This web site is perfect for providing in-depth interactive information on my work and knowledge, but of course there's also a compressed offline version available (should be printed duplex in A3 landscape format):

my IT skill profile (Flyer)
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Products and technologies

Technology foundation

My overall technology experience is based on strategic architecture components like virtualization products, directory services, information worker solutions and data warehousing. Built on top of this I specialized on providing convenient, authorized and secured company-wide access to all required applications and services - wherever you are. I'm also designing and sizing those setups based on availability expectations and individual service-level demands.

The majority of projects I get involved in can be assigned one of my three favorite areas of interest terminalservices and VDI, internet connectivity and availability technologies.

Terminalservices, VDI and Application Delivery   Application Networking and Security Solutions   High Availability and Systems-Management
  • Microsoft Terminalservices
  • Citrix Delivery Center
  • Virtual Desktop Solutions
  • Software-Distribution
  • Software-Integration
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Web Content Optimization and Content Switching
  • Wireless Securiy, RADIUS
  • Certificates/PKI
  • Clustering, Load-Balancing
  • Datacenter-Failover
  • Replication
  • System-Provisioning, PXE
Operating Systems and Core Infrastructure Technology
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Virtualization
  • Citrix XenServer
  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft ISA Server / CMAK
  • Microsoft Clients
  • Networking (including VLAN and Layer3/7-Switching)
  • AntiVirus (NAI/McAfee)
  • VMware
Individual solutions, Customizing and Programming/Scripting
  • JavaScript/DHTML
  • KiXtart, PowerShell
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