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Emergency guidance?

Well, I really don't plan to provide some kind of "How-to-run-computers"-handbook here - this would require capacities I simply don't have (unless I plan one full-time year of vacation). I case I have such in the future I'll author a book. Promised!

On the other hand: everything regarding Downloads & Tools is a different thing...


But there's room for some convictions: I strongly believe in the power of cooperative work between experienced admins and new technicians ("Newbies") regarding several aspects of their work and challenges. Electronic collaboration within Internet-Communities can help much - everybody is invited to post questions and answers. Independent of your personal skills you need to argue and defend your proposals and sometimes even have chance to learn new ways of doing your work. Every day you may increase your support skills for various aspects of implementing IT technology with all its special constraints and restrictions. You simply stay up-to-date with real-world experiences.

My own historical experience in community? In my first days of doing professional support I really loved using the newsgroup resources for several questions that I could not answer by reading books, electronic documentation or support knowledgebase. It's no shame to ask others for assistance!

This strong benefits imposed by internet communities I don't wanna miss any more - a long time ago I started discussing in newsgroups that target my primary area of specialization application delivery [including Citrix Delivery Center] and IT infrastructure design.

some useful links 
german speaking newsgroup on Windows 2000 terminalservices
german speaking newsgroup on Windows Server 2003 terminalservices
german speaking newsgroup on Windows XP remote desktop
Microsoft terminalservices portal page

I just recommend everybody to try out this kind of support option. It really pays back in all aspects of your professional work!

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