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Public relations

Beside of presentations due to my public speaking I create a certain number of documents, design sketches and other materials based on my project work. Of course these informations cannot be easily disclosed because of privacy restrictions and are accesible for the respective client only.

Sometimes I have the option to extract partial content and make this available to a broader public audience. Find below a small set of documents that I have either completely finalized on my own or where it has been been me delivering parts or the overall body for review and press adoption.

My references

Editorial postings

Remotely accessing corporate data, secured and dynamically controlled
Citrix Access Gateway Solutions

[DE] Bitmarck corporate magazine - February 2008
Adobe portable document format
103 kbytes

Success stories

Consolidated GeoClustered Messaging Platform
Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Standby Continuous Replication

[DE] net.workers press release - April 2009
Adobe portable document format
430 kbytes
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