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About me

The past...

Who am I? What happened? Here's the true story behind and some basic facts...


*09/16/1975 in Remscheid-Lennep, Germany

Although I neither speak nor understand the regional dialect known as bergisches "Platt-Deutsch" I definitely was born there years ago. This means for example you're married with your umbrella to permanently fight against the rain. Shy about the sun - a weather condition known as a regional abnormal situation - you feel like wearing swimming webs all day long. Okay, fingers crossed: on some few days in a year you might shortly discover sun rays, so keep watching.

High School Leibniz Gymnasium

While I was in high school Leibniz-Gymnasium (located in Remscheid) until graduation in 1994, there's just to mention an accidentally fire alert that never got explained: In fact all relevant exam material of the week had been destroyed (including partial bad scores).

Remscheider TV

Living in Germany there's a certain obligation to admire football. Not doing so makes you enemy number 1, so based on this I should be imprisoned for multiple lifetimes.

I really like Badminton much more than football. While I was in school I was enthusiastic player for the Remscheider TV team. Unfortunately we missed the required rank to upgrade playing in regional league but at least I managed winning the Remscheid championship for double-player matches in 1991.

Currently I don't have the free time to spend on sports engagement - consider me being a couch potato now. Going to party events on weekends still remains, but I dislike the so called "30s". As long as I still fit in 501 I don't take much care of all this... :-)


There happened the required one-year break for german army and right after this I started a professional education as a bank business management assistant at Westdeutsche Landesbank in Duesseldorf. This finalized with excellent grade but I declined to continue working with them.

...and today

THR Photo

This is today's world: I'm occupied in IT industry working as Technology consultant for enterprise customers. In parallel I'm spending the remaining free time to finish my studies in computer science. Obviously this can be considered a somewhat complex coexistence - especially because the studies' contents don't really match or contribute my real-world IT doings in consulting and technology integration.

There's much more to discover on this web site, so just jump through the menu system to find out more! :-)

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